australian football leagueAustralian Football League

AFL or Australian Football League was named as such in the year 1990 and prior to that it operated by the name of Victorian Football League or VFL. Victorian Football League was formed on 2nd October 1896 consisting of eight clubs with more clubs joining later on. It was on the basis of including more teams from other states than Victoria the name was changed from VFL to AFL. Though VFL was quiet successful but many teams were suffering financially and hence it was decided to admit more teams to it which paid huge joining fees as well as income from television rights increased. As new teams were admitted from the whole of Australia it provided the league a national vision. In the Australian rules football AFL is the apex level professional competition.

The league is governed by a commission and consists of 18 teams from 5 states of Australia. Out of these 18 teams most of them i.e. 10 are based in Victoria. The most recently admitted teams to AFL are Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney Football clubs which started playing in 2011 and 2012 respectively. During the AFL season there is a pre-season competition called Nab Cup which is followed by a 23 round regular season running between March to September during winter in Australia. The teams in the top 8 play finals series and the Grand Final is played in the MCG or Melbourne Cricket Ground. The winning team in the Grand Final is awarded the Premiership Cup and is called the ‘Premiers’.

At the end of each season AFL Draft is held through which most of the players enter the league. There are also few other sources of selection of players like some may be taken from other sports or selected internationally. AFL is also the highest attended sports league in Australia enabling it to secure 4th position in the highest average attendance experienced by any professional sport in the world. AFL is the second most watched sport in Australia after its national sport Cricket. The television rights of AFL are currently held by Seven Network, Austar, Foxtel and Telstra. AFL is also popular for betting and many Australians use online service providers to bet legally in sports like AFL.

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