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HORSE RACINGHorse Racing Explained

Horse racing is a horseback riding or equestrian sport or game. This sport has it history from the lands such as Babylon, Greece, Syria and Egypt. There are two types of horse riding while horse racing which are, driving a chariot or mounting on a horse. Horse racing is also called a game of Kings or Monarchs. There are 3 main types of horse racing games which are in demand, which are, flat racing, steeplechasing or racing over bumps and harness racing. There are also several types of horse breeds associated with the types of horse races, like flat racing includes Thoroughbred, Paint, Arabian, Quarter Horse and Appaloosa. Breeds under steeplecase are Thoroughbred and AQPS.  In Harness race horses such as Standardbred and Russian Trotter are used.

Gambling in Horse Race

At many horse races there is a gambling station where gamblers wager on horses while at some horse racecourses wagering on horses is barred. In horse races you can enjoy the excitement of horses galloping on track as well as betting facility. In different countries the betting amount may be different as in the US the betting amount is generally $2. As regards wagering on horses there are 2 categories to count, which are, straight wagers and exotic wagers:

Straight Wagers Category

  1. Win:  In this bet if your chosen horse reaches first you get the win.
  2. Place: If your chosen horse reaches first or second you get the win. The winning amount in this bet is lower than Win but there are more chances of winning.
  3. Show: In this bet if your horse reaches the finishing line first or second or third you get the won amount. The winning amount in Show is lower than in Win or Place.
  4. Across the board:  In this type of bet you bet for the first three places and the amount at stake is also large. If your horse reaches the finishing line first you get the amount won, in case it reaches second you get Place amount and in case it reaches third you get the show amount. These types of bets are costly and avail less profit.
  5. Win Place and Place Show: In this type of bet you choose multiple straight wagers in a single bet. Under Win Place bets if the chosen horse reaches first you get both win and place prize and in case it reaches second you get only the Place prize. In a Place Show bet if your horse reaches the finishing line at second place you get both place and show amount and in case the chosen horse reaches the finishing line third you get only the Show prize.

Exotic Wagers Category

  1. Exacta: In this bet you can bet on 2 horses to finish first and second in exactly the same sequence. In these bets there is also a feature named ‘box’ in which your 2 horses can reach first and second in any sequence and yet you win.
  2. Quinella: In this bet the horses opted by you can come first and second in any sequence and you win. Quinella is comparable to box exacta with the difference of Quinela being cheaper and offering less payout while box exacta is expensive but offers a higher payout.
  3. Trifecta: In trifecta you bet your horses to finish first, second and third exactly in the same order as you opt for. You can also box a Trifecta bet.
  4. Superfecta: In Superfacta you bet your 4 chosen horses to complete first, second, third and fourth in exactly the same order. Superfacta bets can also be boxed.

Online Version of Horse Racing

In this cyber age there are several versions of online horse races with which you can entertain and gamble as well. As all types of gambling are now also available on internet so is horse racing. You can bet on these virtual horses from the comforts of your home and enjoy the game. Online horse race, however, has its certain drawbacks. However, you cannot get the feel of real horses galloping on the track and the cheering crowd and clamor in real life environment.


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