National Football LeagueNFL or National Football League is one of the four major sports leagues in the United States of America. NFL came into being on 20 August, 1920 by the name American Professional Football Conference and later changed its name to American Professional Football Association after a short period and since 24 June, 1922 it is known as National Football League. NFL is a not for profit association governed by its commissioner. These days NFL has become the most popular sports league in the USA and gets the highest average attendance as regards any professional sports league in the globe.

NFL is consists of 32 teams equally divided between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. During the regular season each team can have up to 53 players but only 46 players can play on the game days. Each team is allowed salary and there is a limit to the maximum salary allowed. NFL runs a regular season of 17 weeks from a week after the Labor Day to a week after Christmas where each team plays 16 games and has one bye week each season. Out of the 32 teams of the league 6 from each conference contend in playoffs of NFL. The tournament played between NFC and AFC is called Super Bowl and the winners of the Super Bowl are awarded with Vince Lombardi Trophy. There are several other awards and recognitions available for the players and coaches at NFL.

Most NFL matches are played on Sundays and are normally not played on Fridays or Saturdays in the regular season as the Federal Law bars the professional football leagues competing with college football matches. In the USA the television rights of the National Football League are held by 4 networks which are ESPN, Fox, CBS and NBC. The Super Bowl television rights are rotated every 3 years between CBS, NBC and Fox.

Each NFL club is awarded a franchise which means that the league has authorized the team to operate in the city. National Football League member has exclusive rights to host professional games in their own territory and to promote and advertize events in their own Marketing area. Owing to the popularity of NFL there is a lot of bet placed on NFL matches and NFL is notorious for betting in the USA.

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